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Sunday, October 25, 2009


What is hydrocephalus?basically its a condition where there is excessive fluid in the skull than normal.(hydro-water in head.ie cephalus)..and in rural areas such conditions go unnoticed actually.people are unaware and hence the actual symptoms go unnoticed.the main easiest suspect is the extra large looking skull than normal of that age..a somatogram is actually useful in such cases..as a scale to see the circumference of head.early signs and symptoms help to identify the cause with proper interventions and tests carried out..the prognosis differs depending on the cause and severity of the condition


Dinesh said...

Dear Harish,

I am a father of a Hydrocephalus (HC) girl in Noida, near Delhi. I have not seen any Indian support group / Indian FAQ website about HC. Does one exist that you know of ? Or do you know how one can be started ? Or any organisation that can take up such a cuause ?

Dinesh Kaul


Dear Harish,
At the age of 45 days only my son got convulsions followed by Hydrocephalus. As the Neuro specialists from surat (Gujarat) pulled the extra water from the brain, the brain stopped enlarging. But it had a disadvantage that my son just lost all his senses. Now my question is: is there any particular cause for hydrocephalus. and let me know if there is any type of possible treatment for this.

Dabheliya Janak

drharish said...

my dear friend,the cause of hydrocephalus varies.the main problem in this condition is that the brain is compensated due to the extra fluid in the brain.so as a result of that the presentations of child differs.as said ur baby has all sensory issues.here as u said the extra fluid was drained and in some cases the doctors perform a operation named peritoneal shunting.and after that the extra fluid is drained.but the major effect is the compromise that the brain underwent..and so depending on that some babies show motor impairment or say sensory impairment...if u could mail ur babies MRI AND OTHER REPORTS DETAILS then i can help u more.there are various organistaions in gujrat where such children are rehabilitated.and also i suggest you to consult some PHYSIOTHERAPIST so that the babies developmental delays are under control and can be progressed and also consult a OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST as the sensory problems can be reintegrated as whatever is possible..i advice you to start physical therapy and see also for the any hearing and vision loss and get ur baby rehabilitated as soon as possible...i will mail u the list of organisations where physical therapy treatment is provided very free for low socioeceonomic people and also that all such babies similar to your cases called Cerebral palsy babies and other mentally and physically challenged babies are rehabilitated
Thank you,

drharish said...

as such there are no organisations that actually work for hydrocephalus babies...but since the condition develops at age of around before 2 years of age after birth....the late effects that develop secondary to hydrocephalus is termed as CEREBRAL PALSY SECONDARY TO HYDROCEPHALUS..so its basically the cause of all the problems that arise and the problems may result in delayed milsetones,ataxia,choreoathetosis,visual loss,tremors,eplilepsy,hearing loss..and however some babies recover very well...so it all differs how well and early the condition was diagnosed and how it was treated and again the follow up in coming years matters....

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